Let’s talk a little kejamove

Guys…so, let’s talk a little kejamove.

One of the things we all hate most when moving is how tedious it is to just get a quotation.

You either get someone on a phone call for almost an hour asking you whether your fridge is the small one or if your clothes fit into a 6 foot by 10 inch box or whatever.

That, or, they send you to a clunky website that asks you to fill a million forms, and still that doesn’t even get you closer to a quotation: you still have to wait for a phone call, which comes after 10 hours, if at all you get called back.

Can tech make this better?
I’ve always believed, we’ve always believed that tech is here, not to replace how we do things, but to make things easier, better, faster more efficient.

So long story short we are cutting the time it takes to get quotations from us, again, from about 4 minutes to less than 30 secs: no more tedious forms to fill, no need to speak to someone on phone.

Head over to www.kejamove.com

Tell us where you are moving from and to, and no. of bedrooms and we’ll give you an instant quotation. No waiting for phone calls, no estimates, done!


The borrrring stuff
We’ve built this by using little bits of Artificial Intelligence coupled with the data we’ve collected over time, to predict a couple of things about your move, e.g the truck size and packaging material to bring based on where you live and no. of bedrooms.

We’ve arrived at this by using predicate logic like:

Fact: 1. An average 1 bedroom house takes up 10cbm in volume.

Hypothesis: 2. 1 bedrooms houses in kilimani are smaller than those in kitengela.

Algorithm: 3. Decrease quotations for 1 br moves from kilimani by a factor of x.

etc, etc, etc.

Always keeping the promise: the movers who keep time and break nothing.

Check it out on www.kejamove.com

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