Team Dynamics: The Visionary vs the Operator

Every team NEEDS a visionary and an operator.

And one thing I’ve had to realize, almost painfully, is that as you run a company, you can’t be both the visionary and operator/implementor.

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How to stop worrying about EVERYTHING!

I used to worry myself silly over tiny tiny stuff. And i struggled with this for a very long time.

I would be worried over whether we would meet our targets so much that I didn’t even put in the actual work towards meeting them. Another time i’d be so worried about whether a relationship would work that I forgot to ACTUALLY make it work. Another time I got so worried about whether I would make rent, and completely forgot that I had already paid 3 months rent in advance. Ha!

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Work related burnout. And how to face it.

You wake up as usual to go to work.
But you feel something is not right, you can’t tell what but something is just not right.

You are tired. You check the time you went to sleep yesternight: all normal, same time you sleep everyday, so it’s not sleep deprivation.

You attempt to get up, one foot off the bed, but the other just won’t follow.

You try to think of just

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The emotions of a first time founder

I’ve always held startup entrepreneurs close to my heart.

And I always watched videos of them, explain their trade, the challenges, everything. I always Googled them, they were my mentors (the online way). They were my guys, I loved them, I dug their challenges, their joys, their ups, their downs. I was that silent co-founder, never contributing anything but always

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Startup vs Big company mentality

I had a small session with myself yesterday. Remember how your principal used to “summon” you to the office? I summoned myself in such a way.

I wanted to understand why some things had changed.

Why I was not working late. Why I was not angry at myself for

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